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An Excellent Decor Solution For Your Home

Posted by Admin on June, 28, 2021

How you decorate and present your home reflects a lot about your personality and taste. Thus, it is always very essential that you pay close attention to the details when it comes to personalising your house into your home. The look and feel of your home should be unique and you should be able to make your statement with the decoration you plan for your house. There are several ways with which you make your house look special.

One of the finest ways to do this is by introducing an element into your house which is not only of visual interest but also enhances your overall home décor. And a choice that can never go wrong for your home décor is an exotic and striking Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror. This mirror is an excellent choice that can help you make a bold statement in your house and your home décor.

What Makes Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror Special?

From ancient times the technique of bone inlay is being used as a decorative technique and now in contemporary times, the same technique is incorporated into modern decorative pieces. This technique involves the embedding of the delicately hand-carved pieces of bones onto the surface of a given object. The result obtained by this often represents striking patterns that are either floral or geometric and are made of varying materials.

The Mirror is a perfect piece of décor that features astonishingly well-detailed and excellent handcrafted bone inlay designs which is most certainly an eye-catcher. The freshness and elegance that is offered by these mirrors are worth appreciating every moment. The Mirrors feature intricate details imparted by the bones and they serve as very special pieces of handicraft to adorn any wall elegantly. Thus, these Mirrors are always a major favourite among home décor enthusiast and interior decorators alike.

These stunning mirrors find their origin in the Udaipur region of Rajasthan, India where artisans work like magicians. Each piece is manufactured and exported directed from the artisans and it is made sure that each mirror is scrupulously handcrafted and delivered using authentically sourced bones. The striking bone inlays on each mirror is what makes them special and a very precious home décor item. The Honeycomb pattern which is designed stunningly also adds to the beauty of the piece.

How is Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror Hand-crafted?

The manufacturing of the Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror is a very delicate process altogether and it requires superior levels of craftsmanship. A wooden frame is created and they also feature intricate floral patterns throughout. Onto the same wooden frame, very delicately carved pieces of bones are individually inlaid. After the inlaying is done, the coloured resin is then used in layers to fill the gaps around the bones. The entire process is very sophisticated and requires years of experience for making the best products.

Hence, each piece of the inlay design mirrors is hand-made by the most skilled craftsmen. Since the products are hand-made, minor irregularities in the inlay or the resin may be present. But, that just adds to the beauty of the mirror and brings out the true hand-made nature of the product. Moreover, each product is made after it has been ordered which ensures that the customers receive a new and authentic product each time they wish to buy the product.

In addition to that, several geometrical and floral designs are also available in various colours which can be modified by the customers as per their demand.

Why is Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror a Perfect Choice?

The Bone Inlay Honeycomb Design Mirror is a notable visually attractive element for interior decoration. The eccentric designs speak for themselves; they are simple yet stunning and are a perfect fit for your contemporary home. Owing to the extremely detailed bone inlay along with the Honeycomb pattern, the mirror is capable of bringing a pop of colours. The abstractness of the visual appeal offered by the mirror instantaneously adds a bold decorative touch to your home, irrespective of where it is placed.

The solid wood base of the mirror is reinforced with engineered which offers better durability to the product. Very delicate work is involved in the making of these mirrors and it can take weeks to be handcrafted properly using the ethically sourced bone for the inlays. The level of artistry that goes into the manufacturing of this product is spellbinding.

With the help of these fine and exquisite products, you can add a different edge to your house and make it a lot more appealing. Moreover, they can play a key role in improving the value of your old home

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