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How Is The Bone Inlay Furniture Made?

Posted by Admin on July, 04, 2019

The art of Bone Inlay is quite old and has been into practice over past several years. The talent of making this art of bone Inlay had been passing on over generation to generation among the craftsmen.
This furniture is quite popular all over the world because it puts up an image of royal flavour, which adds up to the beauty of the space wherever it is kept. Bone Inlay Chest of Drawers is the most highly demanded furniture of this type as it adds up to the beauty and well as gives up an expensive look to normal looking space.
However, this furniture is not easily available because special designing skills are required to make them. The designers who are employed in the cause need to have great skills and good knowledge of the art of bone inlay so that they can design the best furniture with the utmost care. This furniture puts up a picture of a very lavish lifestyle.
Although it is one of the oldest forms of Indian art, the amazing designs and patterns which are incorporated make it the most highly demanded piece by people of such taste.
How is the artwork done?
Well, to perform the artwork, a unique technique is used. The contrast material is inserted in the base object making beautiful patterns and designs. Usually, the bones of dead camels are used for this purpose.
However, no animal is harmed during the process as bones of those camels are only utilized which have either died naturally or due to some natural calamity. Unlike the other animal-based products, these bone inlay furniture do not cause death to animals, thus helping to intricate extraordinary designs without feeling guilty of the fact that an animal is being killed.
It takes long periods in manufacturing these at pieces as the designs are too minute, and it requires a high amount of attention and dedication. However, based on the primary process, in the manufacture of these bone inlay furniture, usually a three-step method is used.
• It starts with the initial step of giving a property shape to the bones of the camel. It requires professionals who can delicately handle the bones can craft it into the desired shape.
• The next step constitutes putting Therese delicately shaped pieces on the wooden frame so that it can receive the required shape and support.
• Finally, the necessary background is crafted, giving it an extravagant and exotic look with perfect contrasting shades.
The tables and drawers offered by the bone inlay chest of drawers exporter offer a wide range of designs, shape along with contrasting colour shades. Most people opt for these drawers to achieve a royal look on their bedroom or living space. With so many designs available on board, one can easily choose the ideal piece based on the interiors of the area where it will be kept — these furniture help in putting up a more detailed and precise concept of your love for art.

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